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Thank you

Thanks to the tech & gaming industry Gamechanger and you have helped sick isolated children all over the world.  We have humbly done this work for 14 years, feeding caregivers and hospital staffs…

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Character-Based Catch-ups: Tanner F.

  Character-Based Catch-ups are a new blog series featuring the inspiring beneficiaries of GameChanger Charity’s Character-Based Scholarship program. A huge thanks to our partners over at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for helping us reconnect…

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Gamechanger and Friends 2018

About The Event Gamechanger and Friends 2018 is the first annual, month-long community fundraiser hosted by Gamechanger Charity, featuring guest livestreamers and giveaways. The Goal Raise $75,000 during the month of August, leading…

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Donate Your Console

Have a console you'd like to donate? Please send to:

GameChanger Charity,
Attn: Trent Tribe
21818 Lassen St, Unit A
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Direct: (310) 903-6607