Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own iPad with GPN?

Yes! GameChanger Private Network (GPN) uses a BRING-YOUR-OWN-DEVICE model that reduces support and maintenance costs, while allowing patients to consume content on devices that are most comfortable to them. After GPN has been implemented, anyone in the hospital can consume content anywhere in the hospital without worrying about wires or restrictive hardware.

How do I access GPN?

Set up is super easy, this is all it takes when in a hospital with the GameChanger Private Network:

  1. Connect to the hospital wi-fi network
  2. Open a web browser and go to the URL provided by the hospital
  3. OR, if using a hospital supplied device, click the GPN icon on the home screen
  4. Complete the registration and begin playing, learning, and socializing with GPN
How secure is GameChanger Private Network.

Our platform is built using leading cloud provider safeguards to protect client data. Thanks to encrypted technology architecture, access is only available to hospital patients.

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