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Every donation makes a difference in bringing joy to sick and hospitalized children in need. With your donations we provide age-appropriate gifts of games, toys & electronics to children in hospitals to provide entertainment while receiving treatment. Donations also help us provide emergency aid to children and their families to help with the many challenges that they face.

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Start a Fundraiser

Join the GameChanger cause in your own way by hosting a fundraiser in partnership with GameChanger Charity. Livestreaming, event hosting, social media, and gaming are just a few ways you can host your own fundraising event and help us reach more hospitalized children this year.

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Corporate Giving

Double your employee contributions with donation matching or donate your excess inventory. We accept tax-deductible donations of new & used games, gaming consoles, merchandise, and other equipment. Excess inventory is immediately redistributed to the hands of sick children and their families.

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Our Programs

Alongside working with top pediatricians, hospitals, and game developers to bring top-of-the-line gaming, care, education, and equipment to sick kids, 90% of donations go directly towards one of three programs.

Gifts of Gaming

We provide consoles, games, merch, and video game related items to sick kids. Gifts of games can bring them a sense of relief from the stresses that come with hospital stays. Gifts of toys, clothes, and other gaming related items can help children feel loved and at home.

Character Based Scholarships

We provide character-based scholarships for children nominated by hospital staff for their acts of courage and kindness while battling life-threatening illnesses. Alongside this, we provide kids with the necessary equipment they may require to continue their education, like books and laptops.

Emergency Aid

We provide emergency aid to children and their families. When children fall very ill, many families lack the resources to deal with such a tragedy, especially when their child is in hospice. We look to provide emergency funding and resources to help support families through such a big transition in their lives.


The Need

One would expect that children experiencing long-term hospital stays would have access to the newest and the most entertaining technologies and content. The unfortunate reality is far bleaker: patients are systematically condemned to a small and outdated library of mediocre entertainment and education options. Legacy vendors sell expensive, bundled packages of low quality content that require IT infrastructure & hardware. Existing “patient engagement systems” are dependent upon outdated, cumbersome technology stacks.


The GameChanger

Player 2 has entered the game. GameChanger works in partnership with industry-giants & directly with hospitals to address four gaps within the patient experience in Children’s Hospitals globally: social isolation, infrequent learning opportunities, lack of safe and stimulating content, and dull and confusing clinical content.

By witnessing what it’s like for children and their families firsthand, GameChanger is uniquely positioned to improve the patient experience and increase patient satisfaction.

Our Belief

GameChanger Believes in Gaming

Here at GameChanger Charity, we know that gaming can bring more than just entertainment for sick children and their families. We strive to improve every facet of a child’s experience in a hospital room.




Million in

Joy through play
Joy through play

We all know gaming is fun. Hospitalized children deserve to experience the joy that comes with playing video games.


On top of their sickness, hospitalized children are often scared, anxious, and stressed. Gaming can help take their mind off their situation and reduce stress levels.


Hospitalized children are away from school for long periods of time. Luckily, there are many ways that gaming is linked directly to education, learning, and improving cognitive skills.


Video games can help sick children feel more in control of their environment and of their situation. During feelings of hopelessness, this is incredibly important for sick children to feel.


Multiplayer games help children connect with patients, staff, their family, and their friends back at home. This helps them feel less isolated during their hospital stays.

Protocol Adherence
Protocol Adherence

Top pediatricians are testing physical and digital gaming prizes to reward patient protocol adherence.

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