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How you can

Donate Now

Every donation makes a difference in bringing joy to sick and hospitalized children in need. With your donations we provide our GPN technology and/or age-appropriate gifts of games, toys & electronics to children in hospitals to provide entertainment while receiving treatment.

  •  One Time Donation
  •  Recurring Donations

Start a Fundraiser

Join the GameChanger cause in your own way by hosting a fundraiser with the in partnership with GameChanger Charity. Livestreaming, event hosting, and gaming are just a few ways you can host your own fundraising event and help us reach more hospitalized children this year.

  •  Streaming Events
  •  Social Fundraising

Corporate Giving

Double your employee contributions with donation matching or donate your excess inventory, we accept tax-deductible donations of new & used games, gaming consoles and other equipment. Excess inventory is immediately redistributed to the hands of sick children and their families.

  •  Corporate Matching
  •  Excess Inventory

Our proprietary technology.

GameChanger Private Network (GPN).

Our Story

Diagnosis, recovery and beyond.

Every donation is a GameChanger
for hospitalized kids.

Approximately $1.50 provides a hospitalized child and their family the GPN service for one day.

Give a Week


One $10 donation gives one child and their family an entire week of access to the GPN platform.

Give a Month


One $50 donation gives one child and their family an entire month of unlimited access to the GPN platform.

Give a Year


One $550 donation gives one child and their family one year of unlimited access to the GPN platform.


The Need

One would expect that children experiencing long-term hospital stays would have access to the newest and most entertaining technologies and content. The unfortunate reality is far bleaker: patients are systematically condemned to a small and outdated library of mediocre entertainment and education options. Legacy vendors sell expensive, bundled packages of low quality content that require IT infrastructure & hardware. Existing “patient engagement systems” are dependent upon outdated, cumbersome technology stacks. If only there was a technology that provided a safe and secure diversion from the discomfort, anxiety and boredom of a hospital stay.


The GameChanger

Player 2 has entered the game. GameChanger Private Network (GPN) addresses four gaps within the patient experience in Children’s Hospitals globally: social isolation, infrequent learning opportunities, lack of safe and stimulating content, dull and confusing clinical content.

By focusing on exclusive curated content and an innovative technology platform that lets patients, families, and caregivers access content from any device, anywhere in the hospital, GameChanger is uniquely positioned to improve the patient experience and increase patient satisfaction.


GameChanger Private Network

The GPN is more than just entertainment. The GPN is a private network of content that allows patients and their families to safely stay informed, connected and entertained with curated content from trusted providers. And more – like, a whole lot more.

0 +
0 +
Million in
Patient Info
Patient Info

Hospital records and patient important information to stay informed.


Ever-growing catalog of on-demand video lessons, and games.

Premium Movies
Premium Movies

Premium streamable movies directly available through the GPN platform.


A large and ever growing library of popular games from all genres.

Live Streaming
Live Streaming

Livestreams from content producers of all genres curated by GameChanger.


A massive and continually updated library of music and entertainment.

Recent News

Stay up to date with the latest GameChanger news.

Lucas Engwall
Posted by Lucas Engwall
January 13, 2023
Lucas Engwall
Posted by Lucas Engwall
January 12, 2023
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