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No matter whether you’re a lifelong gamer or just interested in fundraising in a fun and unique way, Tiltify is a crowdfunding platform designed with fundraisers in mind to make it easy to support GameChanger Charity while you live stream video games or whatever you love doing!

By fundraising on Tiltify, users can build campaign pages in less than 5 minutes and access a variety of tools that make it easy to connect your live stream and social media accounts to accept donations, create rewards for donors, explain your schedule and goals, and share with your friends. Whether you spend the time to go through all the tools available or just want to get your donation link live and functional, this guide will get you started with your charity campaigns for GameChanger Charity!

Quick Start Guide to Tiltify

Whether you are new to Tiltify or already have an account, you can set up a fundraiser a few minutes:

  1. Create or sign into your Tiltify account
  2. Go to “Create a New Campaign”
  3. Search for the GameChanger Charity
  4. Select an existing event or just support GameChanger
  5. Register as an individual campaign or support a team
  6. Publish your fundraiser!

In your campaign’s dashboard, you can find links where you can copy your campaign URL for sharing, as well as a donate URL to put the donate button onto your Twitch page.

  • Optional Step for Teams: Create a team for other fundraisers to join to support, you’ll have to register a team under the “Teams” tab from your dashboard. Once done, you can create a team campaign for others to join.
  • Connect your social accounts: Stream your game on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or Facebook.
  • Spread the word: Share your campaign with your followers on social media to raise funds for GameChanger!



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Play Video

Here are a few tips to help you run a successful campaign.

Rehearse ahead of time

Be ready to explain why you’re fundraising. Introduce yourself at the start of the video and why you’re advocating for GameChangers’ life-changing mission.

Live Stream During Peak Audience Hours.

According to Twitch statistics, 4 PM EST is the peak viewing time on the platform. However, if you are a regular streamer, you know when your audience is watching best so try to optimize your fundraiser around your own peak viewing hours.

Repeat Your Message.

Periodically repeat what you are doing and why supporting GameChanger Charity is important, specifically for people joining late to watch your Live Stream.

Engage and Thank Your Viewers.

People viewing may comment on your video while you’re recording so try to thank them in real time for their support and donations. You should also post after your last live video thanking your network of supporters for watching and engaging.

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