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GameChanger Returns to Social Media and Reviews 2022

Despite striving to be a beacon of good and joy in our communities, GameChanger wasn’t exempt from the difficulties that the entire world struggled with during the past couple of years. You may have noticed our social media pages, including this blog, have gone quiet. This was largely due to GameChanger committing to moving to a model of all volunteers. It presented us with many difficult hurdles to overcome, but the challenges have only helped us learn and prepare for the future of GameChanger.

Though these times were difficult, we at GameChanger never strayed from our mission: To change the game for sick kids. That still remains priority number one! The last couple of years were especially difficult for hospitalized children who, during the pandemic, were more isolated than ever. This motivated us more than anything.  With our absence on social media, we realize that you may have not heard about the amazing things GameChanger has been doing recently so we’d like to get you caught up:

  • We partnered with EA to bring consoles, games, and love to hospitalized kids. GameChanger was able to deliver over 825,000 hours of gaming for hospitalized kids and families. We were also able to provide educational services and gifts of EA games for kids to bring home from their hospital stays. 
  • Donated Playwell gaming systems to 7 children’s hospitals. These systems empowered hospitalized children with the power of gaming and entertainment.
  • When the war in Ukraine broke out, GameChanger sent aid to displaced Ukrainian children with illnesses.
  • Provided funding for 5 college scholarships to students that instead of being at school, were stuck in hospital rooms.
  • Began work with top-ranking pediatric health care providers to test patients using video games to keep them on mental health, diabetes, and asthma protocols. In this program, children get video game downloads when they do their protocols.
  • Dropped off gifts while traveling from San Francisco to San Diego during our “Road Trip for Good” program.

Because of our disappearance from social media, we weren’t able to keep our amazing supporters updated, which is something we never want to happen again. We have some incredible things planned for 2023 and want to bring everyone along for the ride. By the time you’re reading this, our social media accounts will have been relaunched. Follow our journey and change the game in your own ways:

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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