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I, Hope – A Game with Purpose

GameChanger’s I, Hope invited to take part in Twitch Prime’s first-ever Indie Amplifier with a chance of winning up to $100,000!

Long-time visitors may remember Amazon’s massive $500,000 #SubsForKids campaign at Twitchcon 2016 which helped drive a tremendous amount of awareness to our cause among Twitch streamers.  This February, Amazon invited GameChanger Charity to participate in their first ever Indie Amplifier program which gives Amazon and Twitch users the opportunity to choose the games they want to support with over $100,000 in prize money.
Until March 11th, Prime members can vote for one of eight games that they want to receive at the end of the month with the winner being chosen on the eve of the Game Developers Conference.  You can also catch the game being played by Twitch streamers such as DizzyKitten (Sunday 2/25 at 7pm PST), GiantWaffle and Bacon_Donut will be also be streaming the game over on Twitch (2/28 at 1pm PST)
For those who’ve just been introduced to GameChanger Charity from this Twitch event, thank you so much for visiting the our site and for checking out what I, Hope is all about. Over the next two weeks, We would absolutely appreciate your vote and your efforts to spread the word about this game and the mission of GameChanger Charity:
About the Game
I, Hope is a 3D platforming game that follows Hope, a young girl whose life is turned upside down when a mysterious monster named Cancer falls from sky and lands on her island home.  The gameplay centers around discovering unique abilities entrenched within magical floating islands in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.I, Hope was developed by Kenny Roy who donated the game to GameChanger Charity’s mission of benefiting children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. “When we think of video games, our minds go to epic battles, fantasy worlds, crazy races and mind-boggling adventures,” says Kenny. “Creating a game is about hitting the perfect balance between pure-amusement and lifting player’s spirits.”  Kenny’s mission for I, Hope was to make a game that kids can play while receiving cancer treatments; something to distract them, but at the same time, put them back in control of their battle.
“I, Hope is engaging for all, yet for survivors and children who are currently battling cancer, the game is truly empowering.”
An outpouring of support
I, Hope was discovered early by the ID@Xbox team who helped champion the development of the project for more than 18 months. Microsoft offered Kenny support throughout the development process and their ID@Xbox team worked tirelessly to test, certify, and make sure this game became an Xbox One console exclusive. Microsoft also awarded I, Hope with their ID@Xbox Gaming For Everyone Award at last year’s Game Development Conference in San Francisco saying, “I, Hope is the best of what a game can be because it is inspiring, challenging and fun.”
The game has since been nominated for several other awards but the highest praise one can ask for is seeing the look of the kids that get their hands on with the game.  GameChanger Charity has brought this game into Mott Children’s Hospital last year where their team marveled at the [game’s ability to], “give those who feel powerless a sense of strength, control, and mastery.”  Jim Carol, Founder of GameChanger Charity, summed it up best after he was able to watch a full play though of I, Hope by saying, “This is a great game that also delivers a powerful, meaningful message to kids struggling in hospitals around the world.”
Gaming with a greater purpose
I, Hope is currently for sale on Steam and on Twitch with the Xbox One console-exclusive version coming shortly thereafter. All proceeds from the sale of I, Hope go to GameChanger Charity’s mission of spreading hope and love to children staying in hospitals.
Published by ++Good Games 

The team at ++Good Games (pronounced Double Plus Good Games) has worked alongside GameChanger Charity since 2013 and has joined GameChanger on hospital tours, trade shows, and at events like our Games and Music Festival.  ++Good Games celebrates the greatest games, people, and experiences the games industry has to offer and have agreed to help GameChanger Charity bring this game to market with additional development and marketing support. Check them out over at their site and be sure to follow them on Twitter at @doubleplusgames.

Stay tuned to this page and to all of our social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook for ways to purchase I, Hope, support GameChanger Charity simply by getting this great game, and more awesome details as the release date approaches!

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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