Gamechanger and Friends 2018

About The Event

Gamechanger and Friends 2018 is the first annual, month-long community fundraiser hosted by Gamechanger Charity, featuring guest livestreamers and giveaways.

The Goal

Raise $75,000 during the month of August, leading up to one Grand Finale, multi-partner day of streaming on the 29th. This will allow us to fund at least 5 GameChanger scholarships and give 5,000+ copies of the game I, Hope to kids / teens in hospitals around the world.

Showcase Games

Developed by Kenny Roy, I, Hope is a beautiful coming of age adventure story about a young girl named Hope, whose town has been taken over by Cancer. The game is engaging for all, yet for survivors and children who are currently battling cancer, the game is empowering. This title is also the first independently developed gamed that was donated entirely to Gamechanger Charity’s nonprofit causes.




Developed by Laura Shigihara, Rakuen has received 1,067 positive reviews and carries a Metacritic score of 84.  In this game, a hospitalized boy comes to terms with his own story by traveling with his mother to a beautiful fantasy world; ultimately helping his fellow patients find closure by walking a mile in their shoes.

Prize Giveaways

By donating via the official event Tiltify page, supporters can choose to enter different giveaways based on the chosen level of contribution:

    • $10.00 – get a copy of Rakuen & I, Hope on PC and we will give an addition copy of I, Hope to a kid in a hospital.
    • $15.00 – get entered to win a Minecraft Fun Pack ($200 value) – physical prize
      • LEGO Minecraft #21117 “The Elder Dragon”
      • Minecraft foam pickaxe
      • Minecraft 5″ vinyl “Mining Steve”
      • 3- Minecraft mini mystery box
        Note: due to the high costs associated with international shipping, physical prizes are only eligible to be sent to U.S. addresses. Enter to win a "LEGO Minecraft set", Minecraft foam pickaxe, Minecraft 5" vinyl "Mining Steve", 3 Minecraft mini mystery boxes and a digital Steam copy of Minecraft: Storymode. All contributors will receive lower tier prizes and entries with donation.
    • $50.00 – Enter to win an Autographed Minecraft collector’s pack by the Minecraft team – physical prize
      • Xbox One
      • Minecraft Poster
      • Minecraft Adventure kits with Iron Sword
      • Funko collectible toy
      • Minecraft: The Crash” book signed by the authorNote: due to the high costs associated with international shipping, physical prizes are only eligible to be sent to U.S. addresses. Donors of $50 or more are entered to win a Minecraft Adventure kit, a collectible Funko, Minecraft: The Crash book signed by the author, as well as a Minecraft themed Xbox One and poster, signed by the Minecraft staff! All contributors will receive lower tier prizes and entries with donation.
    • $100.00 –GameChanger Founders Pack + 1 month (25 to 28 games) of games (limited to 10 winners) + lower tier items
      Note: due to the high costs associated with international shipping, physical prizes are only eligible to be sent to U.S. addresses. 10 winners will receive 1 month of 25's suite of games and the "GameChanger Founders' Pack" which includes: Xbox One Suite of Xbox One Games Minecraft Loot including vinyls, plushes, clothing and more GameChanger Swag Bag with "Hope Monkey" Plush. All contributors will receive lower tier prizes and entries with donation.

MineCon Earth 2017 IfOnly Experience

This one of a kind IfOnly campaign benefitted GameChanger Charity. The winner received two tickets to invite-only MINECON Earth in Atlanta, GA.

Meet Ryan and Reece. This lucky father and son scored premier access to the live show and met famous Minecraft developers!




This was a dream experience for any Minecraft fan!



Over a mid-November weekend, an event took place that will be one for the books. We were proud to partner with IfOnly, Minecraft and Mojang to create a thrilling prize package where donors would have the opportunity to win tickets to MINECON Earth!



The experience started with dinner at the Seafood Room in Atlanta with Katie and Nicolette, two of the amazing team members who make the Minecraft experience what it is today. Ryan and Reece were able to get an inside scoop on what it would be like to work at the company and seemed very enthusiastic about  a possible future there for Reece.



The following day was the big event! MineCon Earth did not disappoint. The winners entered the set and got to view the live stream of MINECON Earth in person with its cast, including Lydia Winters, Will Arnett (voice of Lego Batman!!), and Jeb of Minecraft fame.



The winners even got to meet Jeb, the lead creative designer for Minecraft, behind the scenes!


Through and through, this was a wonderful experience and, for us at GameChanger Charity, an incredible event that we were honored to be involved with.  Thanks so much to Minecraft, Mojang and Microsoft members!


A special shout out also goes to our influencer friends who were involved in the show; OMGChad, Aureylian, StacyPlays, and AntVenom



Thanks so much to the Minecraft, Mojang and Microsoft members who were all involved in donating this unique experience for our winners!

MIGHT WE MENTION – Minecraft donated some wonderful lego toys and other fun items that related to Minecraft and Minecon Earth to Denver Children’s Hospital and CS Mott in Ann Arbor, Michigan!


And of course, Hope was in attendance as well 🙂

GameChanger Charity at TwitchCon 2017

“TwitchCon is a celebration of all things Twitch, from the streamers and their communities, to the developers who make the games we love. At TwitchCon, we all gather to learn and play together.”


First off, we want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to our team of amazing streamers representing us at TwitchCon 2017 Charity Decathlon.


For Reference, this was our roster of players on the Charity Team: 

  1. The Rocket League Rockdown: CrReam
  2. Coloring for Dummies Challenge: SimplyJxn and Danotage
  3. The Long beach Brawlhalla Beatdown: dmbrandon
  4. Jingle all the Way Contest: Littlesiha and WyvernSlayer
  5. Let The Sparcs Fly Challenge: A_jaxx
  6. You Don’t Know Jack! Challenge: Kyente
  7. The Sandwich Smashdown Challenge: Rypsii and lumiipvp
  8. Tastes Like Chicken Challenge: Tashnarr
  9. Build me up, Buttercup Challenge: 8BitDylan
  10. Battle of the Musicians: VideoGameRapBattles




What can we say except WOW and THANK YOU! The attention you are bringing toward our mission is incredibly important and we couldn’t be happier about the enthusiasm shown by all of our Charity Team members who represented for us on the Tiltify Charity Stage.



Friday, the first day of TwitchCon, was a wonderful blur! Our booth was located in the Tiltify charity plaza. Many people came by our booth eager to say hello and many Hope The Monkey plush animals, GameChanger drawstring bags, stickers, and bracelets made their way into the hands of convention goers who support our cause!


Situated next to a Dance Dance Revolution arcade game, our booth attracted many different types of people. We had a ton of great swag on deck and spent time talking with all visitors who came to ask questions and learn more about GameChanger Charity.



As a bonus, our booth also had a new game that all could try out titled Ihope. Stay tuned to our blog as there is more to come on this soon!


The fun didn’t stop once the sun set. Just as soon as we wrapped up on the floor for day one we headed over to VillainCon, an amazing party put on by Blizzard. The party had two different levels of fun, featured exclusive masks and pins, and was set in the gorgeous Federal bar in Long Beach.

There was still one more stop to make! Tiltify hosted a party on the Queen Mary!! This incredible old cruise ship rests in the Long Beach harbor and is always a sight to see. Wonderful job at throwing the party, Tiltify!


Back to the convention floor…

Saturday brought with it a new crowd of visitors to the Charity Plaza. Our giveaway efforts were in full swing and many streamers were signing up with us to join up with us on future charity stream efforts!



When you walk around an event the size of TwitchCon you really start to get a feeling for all the different types of people who love gaming and the new platforms such as Twitch that are making it possible for all of us to join together in the world of live streaming. There are so many different artists, gamers, fans, and general enthusiasts who were all interacting with one another and enjoying their time together.

Oh yeah, there was Twitch merch. Can’t forget the Twitch merch!!!


Child’s Play Charity, our partners on the Gamers Give Back Tour, hosted an ENTIRE ARCADE where all games were free resting just behind their booth!


Not far from the arcade was the Design by Humans booth. Design by Humans has been wonderful in helping us get our name out and even created the shirts we wore for the event! You can check out the GameChanger merch they have helped us create by clicking on this page.


On Sunday, Nate and David, two of our GameChanger team members, joined forces with Able Gamers and Gamers Outreach to form the Charity Squad! Together, the Charity Squad took part in a Killer Queen gaming competition and, low and behold, placed as runners up only to one team, the Roof Riders! Needless to say, we were very excited for our team!!


Click here to see the 2017 list of exhibitors from the event.

We are so grateful to have been involved in TwitchCon 2017. The genuine interest in GameChanger from many people at the event is humbling for all of us and is incredibly appreciated.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all future events as we continue to grow and bring innovative tech and gaming to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

A HUGE Thanks to Twitch and Tiltify for organizing this massive event and including GameChanger Charity in the festivities!

Till next year!!!!

RTX Event Recap!

Summer is in full swing! At GameChanger, what this means to us is that exciting events, our Gamers Give Back Tour and world renowned conferences seem to be happening just about every weekend

Not to be outdone by the impressive schedule of summer fun, Rooster Teeth, YouTube channel extraordinaires and hosts of RTX, partnered with GameChanger Charity to launch a campaign using the Omaze platform.


The idea behind the Omaze campaign was grand yet simple: Enter to win, donate to GameChanger in the process, and have the chance to win an amazing trip to RTX with a VIP experience throughout.

Many entered and, although we wish every person who entered could win, there was ultimately one grand prize handed out to a lucky entrant. Mart, the winner of the contest, and his best friend Bram were flown out from the Netherlands to Austin to attend the conference.


The two Rooster Teeth fans were treated like kings. Not only were the winners given a free flight and top-notch lodging by Omaze, they also received a VIP badge to RTX that gave them exclusive access to anywhere on the floor. A highlight of the trip, the two lucky winners were invited to a luncheon with the who’s who of the Rooster Teeth team! Mart and Bram got to meet and chat it up with the likes of Ryan Haywood, Jeremy Dooley, Adam Kovic, Kyle Taylor, Bethany Feinstein, and Jack Pattilo.  Want proof? See the pic below!


GameChanger Charity would like to give a big heartfelt thanks to the Rooster Teeth  ( Crew, Omaze ( ), and every single person who entered. The impact you made was massive with a final amount reaching over $113,000.00 that will all be put toward our cause. If it wasn’t for people donating and helping to spread the word we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we do. And we couldn’t possibly say thank you enough.

Wondering where we’ll be next? Follow our Twitter profile ( ) to stay up to date on all events and other game changing things we’re up to!