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Giving Tuesday & reInvent Events



Tuesday 12/03:

1 – 4p PT: Jack Pattillo Rooster Teeth Charity Stream (Texas)

4 – 7p PT: CaptainSparklez Charity Stream (Cali)

7 -10p PT: UCI Esports Arena, Smash Ultimate Tournament ft TKbreezy, VikkiKitty, MVD (Cali)

Wednesday 12/04:

7a – 9a PT: Executive breakfast in Las Vegas honoring GameChanger w/ AWS CEO AndyJasse, Teresa Carlson, Dave Levy, Jim Carol, and Taylor Carol.

7p – 10p PT: Drai’s NightClub in Las Vegas, showcase of in-person talent w/ CaptainSparklez, Jack Pattillo, TKbreezy, VikkiKitty, MVD, and UCI Esports.


Event Summary

On Giving Tuesday (Dec 3rd) , Amazon will be celebrating GameChanger and its tireless efforts over the last 12 years with a massive quarter million dollar donation. This donation, along with access to cutting edge technology from AWS, will allow GameChanger to create and transform dedicated gaming rooms in hospitals across the world.

To help amplify this important moment, several of GameChanger’s amazing advocates (CaptainSparklez, Rooster Teeth, and UCI Esports) will be hosting Giving Tuesday charity streams to help drive awareness and donations from their communities. Thanks to our friends at Omaze, a 2020 Jaguar I-PACE SE with $20K in the trunk will also be up for grabs to one lucky donor.

The following night in Las Vegas (Dec 4th) , AWS Public Sector will be hosting its annual invite-only party at Drai’s NightClub where GameChanger will be honored with a VIP couch gaming area. This is an awesome chance for us to bring our amazing community of advocates together for some couch gaming, drinks, and celebration. AWS has built a special section for each of our Giving Tuesday teams. Meet top execs from Amazon, AWS, and their biggest customers. This will be super fun, and is intended to honor the contributions of our advocates.

Drai’s NightClub

Dec 4th in Las Vegas: Description: AWS will be putting together “couch gaming” setups to honor GameChanger and our community of gamer advocates. Gaming setups will feature Nintendo Switch and Pro Controllers with Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart, and Minecraft. Please let us know if there are other titles we should include

Omaze Campaign

Prize: Win a 2020 Jaguar I-PACE SE with $20K cash in the trunk.

Donations for the Omaze campaign will remain open into 2020, but we want Dec 3rd to represent a major call to action for this campaign. We hope to drive participation from each of the 3 live streams on Dec 3rd, as well as in-person donations from attendees of the AWS reInvent conference where we will have significant signage and information available.

CaptainSparklez Charity Stream

Jordan Maron is an American YouTube personality, gamer–commentator, and electronic musician. Maron is primarily known for the video game Minecraft. His main channel is currently one of the most-subscribed channels on YouTube and recently surpassed ten million subscribers.

UCI Esports Smash Ultimate Tournament

UCI Esports Arena will be running a large Smash Ultimate tournament from their Arena space with substantial prize pool.

GameChanger will be recruiting top Smash personalities to shoutcast the event including TKbreezy, VikkiKitty, & MVD). Information on the tournament is available here.


TKbreezy is an Esports Host and Commentator Most notable for his work in the Smash Community as well as various other fighting games. He has commentated countless matches over his 10 year career. Some of the most iconic moments in Smash Bros. Wii U and Smash Bros Ultimate have been accompanied by his voice.


“As a full time college student, I have dedicated the past few years to competitive Smash Bros. I began my on-screen journey as an Esports commentator in 2015, this would open a lot of doors for me as I’m a Communications student who could intertwine my hobby with my career. From working with Nintendo, Amazon, Blizzard, Viacom, and more, I found something that I had a deep passion for and I’ve been able to travel the globe thanks to Esports. I plan on taking my experience and making it into something bigger to help inspire people to get involved more with the competitive community and with helping gamers overall!“


Jestise “MVD” Negron is one of the world’s top gamers. Having been a competitive Smash player for over 10 years, he is currently ranked 17th in the world for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He is known for his uplifting and positive presence on social media in the gaming community.

Rooster Teeth Charity Stream

Jack Pattillo is a host of Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth’s gaming channel that produces daily gaming and comedy videos. In 2015, Jack had a bold idea to recreate their popular gaming videos, called “Let’s Plays,” into a live experience for fans and Let’s Play Live was born. When Jack’s not making gaming videos, he’s helping head the annual 24 hour charity stream, Extra Life, through which Rooster Teeth has raised more than $5MM for Austin’s Dell’s Children’s Hospital.

Geoff Ramsey

Geoff Ramsey , one of the original members of Rooster Teeth, is also the founder of Achievement Hunter and Let’s Play. He has appeared in shows alongside Will Arnett, Bill Nye, Kumail Nanjiani, and world famous athletes such as Anthony Davis, Rob Gronkowski, and Thierry Henry. Prior to his time at Rooster Teeth, Geoff was in the US Army from 1993 to 1998, and was the road manager for a host of New Jersey punk bands and worked briefly for View Askew Productions. He lives in Austin with his daughter.

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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