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Thank you

Thanks to the tech & gaming industry GameChanger and you have helped sick isolated children all over the world.  We have humbly done this work for 14 years, feeding caregivers and hospital staffs at over 200 hospitals in 11 countries. 

We are now getting plea’s to help four kids and their families affected by the Corona virus. Not only are the immunocompromised kids with life threatening illnesses suffering from fear of the virus, and loss of agency as they are not getting the normal psycho social services like pet therapy, or visitors, we now have children who have Covid-19 seeking help. A few weeks ago we were contacted about a teenager who is at the end of life, Nth stage hospice. The hospital called us because the child had not had any visitors and asked if GameChanger could do anything. It was late on a Friday, by Sunday you had help deliver games, gear, clothing and money so his parents (working two jobs) could take a day off to be with him.  We met with this child and heard what he wanted. He asked, “can you please help my parents?”

We Love you all, and thank you for helping this child.  Not only does Covid-19 ravage lives randomly, the children suffering from the harsh insult of a life threatening illness are more alone and scared than ever. GameChanger and you have selflessly looked out for sick and isolated kids teens and young adults, and their caregivers for 14 years.  We didn’t look at the menu, we ate the meal. We know what it is like to be isolated and alone, scared and sick. You have made a difference. 

Day one,
Jim Carol

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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