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MineChanger: A Minecraft Charity Event – June 16

What is MineChanger?

It’s time to change the game with MineChanger! Join 52 Minecraft content creators as they face a brave new survival challenge in a customized world where they’ll interact with fellow creators, mine for resources, and face-off against one another in minigame challenges throughout the event. Donations can directly impact a creator’s experience, both positively and negatively! How will you change the game? 


MineChanger, in collaboration with 1N Productions, will take place on June 16 at 4pm EST on various content creators streams (more on this below). The event will last roughly three hours, with the goal of raising as much money as possible for hospitalized children and bringing them the joy of gaming. Creators will spawn into a world, work as if it’s a Minecraft survival server and have the freedom to do whatever they want… But the big twist? Donations directly impact how the game is played. As milestones are met, the map will expand, new areas will be unlocked, minigames will be triggered, and we may have a few surprises here and there.

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How do I donate?

Donations for MineChanger will be available on the date itself through a custom Tiltify page (which can be found on the streams themselves), with specific goals and milestones which will directly impact the game and the streamers when hit. When donating, you will be prompted with a list of effects that you can choose, which can impact random streamers or the entire server. It’s up to you, the audience, to decide how the game will play out!


Where can I watch MineChanger?

To watch MineChanger, tune into any of the 52 content creator’s streams. To donate, locate the donation link once you tune into a stream. Come join us and your favorite creators to change the game on June 16! 

Streamer links:


Antfrost – 

Bitsquidd – 

bubbo – 

CaptainSparklez – 

Chiffoi – 

Clouser – 

CraftyMasterman – 

DannyIsDahBomb – 

Doly – 

Ems – 

Fantst – 

Feinberg – 

FlameyHeart – 

Infernally – 

JWhisp – 

Kelawesome – 

KingSammelot – 

KyleEff – 

Leowook –

MrCube6 – 

Only_A_Squid – 


Rasplin – 

Roscumber – 

Sharpness – 

Systemzee – 

Tyrad – 

VintageBeef – 

zyyes – 

4CVIT – 

a6doff – 

Ember – 

MinuteTech – 

mollyyxy – 

Spepticle – 

Swifyz – 

TheTBVG – 

TrideGD – 

FloofiWan –

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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