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GameChanger Presents: Gaming for Good Month


The Gaming for Good month is upon us! During the month of June, we will be hosting streams, events, activities, and other ways to showcase the good of the gaming community… And everyone is invited to participate! 


Throughout the month, you’ll be able to support and rep GameChanger on multiple different platforms in multiple different ways. This includes our debut of “Why GameChanger?” This is a new program that everyone is able to contribute to and participate in, even if you can’t donate directly to the cause. We’ll also be hosting MineChanger, a Minecraft event in collaboration with 1N Productions and 52 Minecraft content creators, including many familiar faces! You also won’t want to miss out on supporting GameChanger by watching some content creators who will be streaming to support the cause throughout the month. This is all taking place in the first half of the Gaming for Good month! We’re going to keep the rest of the activities a surprise, but keep your eyes out for some exciting things to come. If you feel you may miss some of the events, but still want to show your support you can always donate HERE:


Remember the Date


During Gaming for Good, each week will have a different agenda, so we’ve compiled most of them here to help you keep track. Some of these are subject to change and new events may be added/removed, so we highly recommend following us on social media to help stay on top of any events you may be interested in participating in or watching. We hope to see you around! JOIN NOW: 


June 1-2: Gaming for Good Begins and Discord Debut 


To celebrate the beginning of Gaming for Good month, we’ll be re-launching the GameChanger Discord server. This will be a community of positivity where anyone is welcome! Be sure to join for exclusive giveaways, activities, and more! 


June 3-11: Gaming for Good Streams


We’re excited to have an incredible lineup of content creators joining the GameChanger cause for these next couple of weekends! Be sure to check all of them out and show your support. 


Regedice: June 3 & 10 @ 7pm EST:

Regedice is a League of Legends streamer who has reached the highest rank in the game for four seasons in the game’s history. He is rank 34 on the North American ranked ladder! You won’t want to miss out on one of the greatest Rengar players on Twitch as he takes on solo queue while supporting GameChanger Charity! Be there or be square: 


PartySaurusRex: June 3 @ 6pm EST:

PartysaurusRex is an army veteran who is a Twitch Affiliate and streams variety games for his audience, like Fortnite and Rock Band. Yes, you read it right and you don’t want to miss his Rock Band streams, where he truly does put the party in PartySaurusRex. Be sure to show your support and help your favorite streamer party through the night, all in the name of GameChanger. It’s time to rock: 


FlameyHeart: June 8 @ 8pm EST:

Flamey is a very active member of the Minecraft community and has always been a big supporter of GameChanger. Remember the CaptainSparklez birthday fundraiser? She helped put that together! She is a variety streamer who plays Minecraft, Uno, and other entertaining games. Don’t miss out on the chance to support a prominent member of the community: 


itsameas: June 4 @ 7am EST:

Meas is a newcomer in the streaming and Minecraft community, but has grown quickly in just two months and has shown lots of enthusiasm for the GameChanger cause. Meas’ stream will go from 9PM to 9AM the next morning – an allnighter, twelve hour stream is something you don’t want to miss: 


June 16 @ 4pm EST: MineChanger


To cap off the first half of Gaming for Good, we’ll be collaborating with 1N Productions on an incredible four hour Minecraft charity event, which will feature 52 of your favorite Minecraft content creators! This event will be streamed live on all of their channels, including CaptainSparklez, Systemzee, VintageBeef, and many other prominent members of the community. You DO NOT want to miss out on this one.


What’s Next?


We still have a few things up our sleeve for the second half of this month. Don’t forget to follow us on socials and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. This will be an incredible month that will not only help hospitalized kids, but showcase the positivity and good the gaming community is capable of. Get ready to change the game!

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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