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Imagining Mental Wellness: A Giving Day to Invest in Mental Health

Did you know that pediatric inpatients often suffer from anxiety, depression, and even PTSD? Studies show that distraction therapy at the bedside, like gaming, helps to not only lower pain scores, but also enables better mental health. This is just one of the reasons why we are teaming up with other nonprofit organizations on May 17 for Imagining Mental Wellness! 


On May 17, we will attempt to raise $20,000 (for a total of $350,000 across all participating nonprofits) to help fund research, provide resources, and raise awareness for critical mental health needs. In our case, we’ll be using the funding to focus our efforts on the betterment of children’s mental health in hospitals. To help support our cause, Capital Group has pledged to match all donations up to $10,000! Thank you to Capital Group for supporting our mission.


We will begin accepting donations on May 16 at 12pm and will accept further donations until May 17 at midnight. CLICK HERE to check out our fundraising page and explore all the ways we’ll be supporting children’s mental health. Make sure to return to this page on during May 16th or 17th to place your donation and pledge your support for critical mental health needs. Place your donation early to take advantage of the matching donation offered by Capital Group!


See you tomorrow, GameChangers!

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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