GameChanger Charity at TwitchCon 2017

“TwitchCon is a celebration of all things Twitch, from the streamers and their communities, to the developers who make the games we love. At TwitchCon, we all gather to learn and play together.”


First off, we want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to our team of amazing streamers representing us at TwitchCon 2017 Charity Decathlon.


For Reference, this was our roster of players on the Charity Team: 

  1. The Rocket League Rockdown: CrReam
  2. Coloring for Dummies Challenge: SimplyJxn and Danotage
  3. The Long beach Brawlhalla Beatdown: dmbrandon
  4. Jingle all the Way Contest: Littlesiha and WyvernSlayer
  5. Let The Sparcs Fly Challenge: A_jaxx
  6. You Don’t Know Jack! Challenge: Kyente
  7. The Sandwich Smashdown Challenge: Rypsii and lumiipvp
  8. Tastes Like Chicken Challenge: Tashnarr
  9. Build me up, Buttercup Challenge: 8BitDylan
  10. Battle of the Musicians: VideoGameRapBattles




What can we say except WOW and THANK YOU! The attention you are bringing toward our mission is incredibly important and we couldn’t be happier about the enthusiasm shown by all of our Charity Team members who represented for us on the Tiltify Charity Stage.



Friday, the first day of TwitchCon, was a wonderful blur! Our booth was located in the Tiltify charity plaza. Many people came by our booth eager to say hello and many Hope The Monkey plush animals, GameChanger drawstring bags, stickers, and bracelets made their way into the hands of convention goers who support our cause!


Situated next to a Dance Dance Revolution arcade game, our booth attracted many different types of people. We had a ton of great swag on deck and spent time talking with all visitors who came to ask questions and learn more about GameChanger Charity.



As a bonus, our booth also had a new game that all could try out titled Ihope. Stay tuned to our blog as there is more to come on this soon!


The fun didn’t stop once the sun set. Just as soon as we wrapped up on the floor for day one we headed over to VillainCon, an amazing party put on by Blizzard. The party had two different levels of fun, featured exclusive masks and pins, and was set in the gorgeous Federal bar in Long Beach.

There was still one more stop to make! Tiltify hosted a party on the Queen Mary!! This incredible old cruise ship rests in the Long Beach harbor and is always a sight to see. Wonderful job at throwing the party, Tiltify!


Back to the convention floor…

Saturday brought with it a new crowd of visitors to the Charity Plaza. Our giveaway efforts were in full swing and many streamers were signing up with us to join up with us on future charity stream efforts!



When you walk around an event the size of TwitchCon you really start to get a feeling for all the different types of people who love gaming and the new platforms such as Twitch that are making it possible for all of us to join together in the world of live streaming. There are so many different artists, gamers, fans, and general enthusiasts who were all interacting with one another and enjoying their time together.

Oh yeah, there was Twitch merch. Can’t forget the Twitch merch!!!


Child’s Play Charity, our partners on the Gamers Give Back Tour, hosted an ENTIRE ARCADE where all games were free resting just behind their booth!


Not far from the arcade was the Design by Humans booth. Design by Humans has been wonderful in helping us get our name out and even created the shirts we wore for the event! You can check out the GameChanger merch they have helped us create by clicking on this page.


On Sunday, Nate and David, two of our GameChanger team members, joined forces with Able Gamers and Gamers Outreach to form the Charity Squad! Together, the Charity Squad took part in a Killer Queen gaming competition and, low and behold, placed as runners up only to one team, the Roof Riders! Needless to say, we were very excited for our team!!


Click here to see the 2017 list of exhibitors from the event.

We are so grateful to have been involved in TwitchCon 2017. The genuine interest in GameChanger from many people at the event is humbling for all of us and is incredibly appreciated.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all future events as we continue to grow and bring innovative tech and gaming to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

A HUGE Thanks to Twitch and Tiltify for organizing this massive event and including GameChanger Charity in the festivities!

Till next year!!!!

Gamers Give Back Goes to Canada!

“Your generosity and variety of items, for the wide range of ages as well as gifts for our play and teen lounge programs, were so well received. Staff were blown away by your true understanding and appreciation for the work we do and were humbled by your words.” – Chantal LeBlanc, IWK

September 2017 has been another busy one for the GameChanger Team! This month, while on our Gamers Give Back Tour, we visited our lovely friends to the north in Canada. Each healthcare facility we visited was innovative in their approach to healthcare, showed special attention in caring for their very special young patients, and were all ears when it came to pushing forward with new ideas.


One of the items we take along with us to our GGB tour stops is the “Therapeutic Video Game Recommendation Guide” that our partner Child’s Play Charity has created. We bring copies along with us as reference for games that can help with a variety of symptoms. Erick (@eribek on Twitter), one of our friends from Childs Play who is frequently with us on visits, is always more than happy to go over the guide with staff after gifts have been distributed on a visit.

Below are some highlights from the Gamers Give Back Tour stops including thank you notes and pictures from our visits.

“I just want to thank you so much for the visit! The team was awesome and the gifts were much appreciated by all the kids! Lunch was very good and we had a good chat! We will definitely speak again for future plans” – Jean Pascal, Shriners Hospital, Montreal

Following our visit to Shriners Hospital, Montreal, Don Johnson, CEO here at GameChanger, attached us to an email:

“I will tell you that Shriner’s of Montreal was a real inspiration and highlight…you and the team at Shriner’s are truly “GameChanger’s”!!  We are humbled to have had the opportunity to get to know you and your entire team!”  – DJ

Thank you for having us!


Next, we stopped at IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Not only was the hospital gorgeous, it’s also worth to note that the sights in Nova Scotia are breathtaking and worth a visit to see for yourself!

We were greeted kindly by Chantal LeBlanc and her team of Child Life professionals and handed out many gifts throughout the wings of the children’s hospital. Once we finished up and said our goodbyes we received this pleasant thank you note that warmed our hearts:

“I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the motivating group lunch we just had. I don’t think that GameChanger realizes the impact their visit had. I truly feel their timing was perfect. It was so inspiring to have such passionate people meet with us and have a true understanding and appreciation for Child Life. Hearing them speak validated what we do and why. To know there are people like that out there advocating for us, our patients and our families is so refreshing. I feel recharged having a group get together and it was very thoughtful for them to treat us to lunch, that was a nice bonus.” – Chantal LeBlanc, IWK

Thanks Chantal! We love what you all do for the kids as well!!


Last but certainly not least, we made a stop at Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to Terri and Jenine, for your assistance in the GameChanger & Child’s Play Charity event that took place today at the Janeway.

The event was amazing with Child Life staff along with Eric, Don and Darla from GameChanger & Child’s Play, able to visit and provide gifts to the Janeway patients, plus the opportunity for Child Life staff and the Give Back Tour representatives to meet and discuss the gaming ( both electronic and board games) needs of the hospital from both a diversional and therapeutic aspect.

We would like to thank both groups for including the Janeway Children’s Health and Rehabilitation Centre in your Canadian east coast Gamers Give Back Tour. We look forward to continued collaboration with your group.

Also, thank you for the lunch it was a wonderful treat.” – Arlene Scott, JaneWay



As autumn the autumn temperatures start to cool down and set the stage for winter, we would like to give our sincere thanks to all of the hospitals we’ve visited for having us while on our Gamers Give Back Tour. We can only hope that the work we do brings happiness to these special kids who need it most. A million thanks to each and every Child Life team member out there helping kids through tough times!

Keep up with our Gamers Give Back Tour dates by following us on Twitter and signing up for our newsletter!

Omaze and GameChanger head to NYCC

Want to meet Luke Skywalker? How about a free flight to NYC while staying at a four star hotel AND being able to meet Luke Skywalker? By donating, you can make that happen for you and a friend!

Sometimes the stars align and things come together in a big way. This is the case when it comes to the Omazing (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) effort on behalf of the awesome folks at Omaze. Packages have been created on a donate to win basis on Omaze where you can win a once in a lifetime trip to New York Comic Con where all you need to do is donate to GameChanger for your chance to head to NYCC!

Warning: At the time of writing this there are only a few days left to enter!

Here are the highlights included in this package:

  • 2 tickets NYCC, good for all four days
  • Attend “NYCC Presents: Star Wars Film Concert Series Presented by the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center Plaza”
  • Cut the line at both Mark Hamill’s and Felicity Jones’ autograph sessions
  • Go to the exclusive event, New York Comic Con Presents: An Evening with Mark Hamill at the Hammerstein Ballroom
  • Get flown out to NYC and put up in a 4-star hotel



As best told on the page itself:


You’ll score tickets to the convention (all four days!), you’ll watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens scored live by the New York Philharmonic (amazing), you’ll cut the lines at Mark Hamill’s and Felicity Jones’ autograph signings (no Jedi mind tricks required), and you’ll even attend an exclusive panel featuring the one and only Mark Hamill himself!


Need we say more? Donate for your chance to win today!


Stay tuned to this page for updates on winners and more about this awesome event. A MILLION THANKS TO OMAZE for selecting us to be the charity for this awesome campaign!


As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and find out how you can help GameChanger! for real time action at NYCC as well as the many other great events we will be participating in to help us continue our mission to bring gifts and therapeutic gaming to kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses.



Awesome Kid Raises Big Bucks for GameChanger

People often ask how they can help out. The answer is simple, there are many ways! Here’s a story about one girl who decided to help GameChanger Charity using her own unique approach.

While our core base of donors is primarily made up of YouTube personalities, toy manufacturers, and gaming companies, we are also incredibly fortunate to receive donations from all types of people who feel compelled to help out. This is where Kat Stratton comes into the picture.

This particular young woman was inspired by a GameChanger Charity donation campaign hosted by star streamer Markiplier and, for a school project about being an active citizen, decided to raise money for GameChanger through her own donation drive.

Here’s a snippet from the campaign page she launched on

“For my whole life, very few things have ever made me more passionate than a good video game. What I want is to share with people the same passion I feel every time I boot up a video game console. I knew of a charity I wanted to support and I got to work. I first learned about Game Changer through live streams hosted by Markipler and I think it is a great cause. Please check out the charity, it would mean a lot to me.<3”


Kat, who goes by @nefariousbot on Twitter, is a 13 year old who lives in Northern California and has a passion for gaming and helping others out. Kat has spent her last two summers doing humanitarian work in the Amazon of Ecuador and recently Kenya, with Pledge to Humanity and MetoWe.


While in Kenya, Kat worked with her Pledge to Humanity group to build schoolrooms in a remote village called Irkat.  She also was part of a production crew to film a documentary about the impact of the work being done there. Wow!



Kat and her mom Tawnia shared how Kat has dealt with many obstacles that relate to dyslexia and how she has been able to overcome some of the conditions that relate to this learning disability through gaming!

Kat partnered with her mom’s company 8Dio, a next-generation developer of software instruments, which helped to create discounted packages and bundles for donors of the campaign. Interesting to note, donors that contributed to Kat’s campaign via 8Dio were international composers and producers in the music industry with many of them bring video game composers!

“Children In the hospital do not have the same opportunities you or I might have. There is only so much you can do when confined to a hospital bed. Options are very limited; most physical activities are not option. Having access to digital entertainment can motivate children by providing a fun opportunity to engage with family and friends by their bedside.”

By the time the campaign was over, Kat had helped to raise $5,969.00 for GameChanger! For more details, click here to visit Kat’s campaign page.



Last we spoke, Kat and her mom were headed to NYC as Kat had earned a ticket to We Day due to her efforts with GameChanger Charity and her Pledge to Humanity humanitarian work.

We couldn’t do it alone! The help we receive from many people who love GameChanger Charity and what we stand for is always appreciated and we’re humbled by those who want to help us push forward in our mission. Click here to learn how you can help out!


GameChanger & Rivals of Poker Team Up!

Be #Allin4Hope and play Rivals of Poker! Join in on fun poker-app action while contributing to our mission to bring gifts and gaming joy to children dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Now available to Download!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Nobotgames! They’ve created an awesome new poker app called Rivals of Poker, and we’re proud to say we have our own team in the game that you can join!

Not only will any skill level of poker player have a blast playing, you’ll be helping out GameChanger— all proceeds from in-app purchases on the team will go to us!

Here’s a brief summary of Rivals of Poker:

“Rivals of Poker is a free-to-play mobile poker game and league with fun features that enable skill to matter for the first time in a free-to-play poker app.  Rivals of Poker raises the stakes and fosters real competition by also offering players unique, real world rewards for engaging in the game. The top ranked players every season are invited to compete in live matches for prizes.” 

Head on over to the app store on your smart phone and look up Rivals of Poker app or download it here! Sign up, take the tutorial, pick a username, and select GameChanger as your team. For more on the partnership with this app, check out the blog on the Rivals of Poker site.

Keep on the lookout for upcoming announcements about fun dates and events involving this partnership. We’ll update this blog and post to keep everyone informed on Facebook and Twitter.