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Awesome Kid Raises Big Bucks for GameChanger

People often ask how they can help out. The answer is simple, there are many ways! Here’s a story about one girl who decided to help GameChanger Charity using her own unique approach.

While our core base of donors is primarily made up of YouTube personalities, toy manufacturers, and gaming companies, we are also incredibly fortunate to receive donations from all types of people who feel compelled to help out. This is where Kat Stratton comes into the picture.

This particular young woman was inspired by a GameChanger Charity donation campaign hosted by star streamer Markiplier and, for a school project about being an active citizen, decided to raise money for GameChanger through her own donation drive.

Here’s a snippet from the campaign page she launched on

“For my whole life, very few things have ever made me more passionate than a good video game. What I want is to share with people the same passion I feel every time I boot up a video game console. I knew of a charity I wanted to support and I got to work. I first learned about Game Changer through live streams hosted by Markipler and I think it is a great cause. Please check out the charity, it would mean a lot to me.<3”

Kat, who goes by @nefariousbot on Twitter, is a 13 year old who lives in Northern California and has a passion for gaming and helping others out. Kat has spent her last two summers doing humanitarian work in the Amazon of Ecuador and recently Kenya, with Pledge to Humanity and MetoWe.


While in Kenya, Kat worked with her Pledge to Humanity group to build schoolrooms in a remote village called Irkat.  She also was part of a production crew to film a documentary about the impact of the work being done there. Wow!

Kat and her mom Tawnia shared how Kat has dealt with many obstacles that relate to dyslexia and how she has been able to overcome some of the conditions that relate to this learning disability through gaming!

Kat partnered with her mom’s company 8Dio, a next-generation developer of software instruments, which helped to create discounted packages and bundles for donors of the campaign. Interesting to note, donors that contributed to Kat’s campaign via 8Dio were international composers and producers in the music industry with many of them bring video game composers!

“Children In the hospital do not have the same opportunities you or I might have. There is only so much you can do when confined to a hospital bed. Options are very limited; most physical activities are not option. Having access to digital entertainment can motivate children by providing a fun opportunity to engage with family and friends by their bedside.”

By the time the campaign was over, Kat had helped to raise $5,969.00 for GameChanger! For more details, click here to visit Kat’s campaign page.

Last we spoke, Kat and her mom were headed to NYC as Kat had earned a ticket to We Day due to her efforts with GameChanger Charity and her Pledge to Humanity humanitarian work.

We couldn’t do it alone! The help we receive from many people who love GameChanger Charity and what we stand for is always appreciated and we’re humbled by those who want to help us push forward in our mission. Click here to learn how you can help out!


GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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