Scholarship Recipient Standing Up To Cancer

A Letter to Cancer‼

“It seems like you have control over my life, but really you don’t.

Your presence only makes me stronger, braver, and wiser. I choose how I think and speak, and the way I love. Those are the things you can’t touch, the fear of your name no longer haunts my soul. And the horrible feelings that you bring I ignore. I have a bigger Army, we will fight against you. This dictatorship you’ve been trying to create will stop because I own myself, my feelings, my body and I will survive this. In this life I’ve only been told that I cant do certain things because I’m sick, but I disagree, what about those who have no arms? And sell pretty flowers on the streets of new york? Or those who cant hear?

Like Mandy Harvey who lost her hearing and had no idea what her voice sounded like. She feels the vibrations of the instruments on the floor and creates beautiful music. Those are only obstacles, like being in an army, preparing yourself for harder situations, going through obstacles and hard training, for what? You may ask, To prepare yourself and become strong human beings. Stronger than any Rock in Central Park. That’s how I see myself.”



GameChanger Inaugural Most Valuable Partner

I, Hope is a very special game created by an equally special game developer.

At the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC18) in San Francisco, GameChanger revealed their Most Valuable Partner program in order to spotlight and celebrate the partners, contributors, and champions of the Charity.

It’s fitting that our inaugural MVP selection comes on the heels of GDC as it is the event in which we met this young, scrappy, and hungry game developer just two years prior. He came to us with an “idea” in regards to a new video game he was developing that would help raise the spirits and constitution of those fighting cancer and bring awareness of the healing power of video games. Our Founder was struck by the message of the game and passion of this developer and had agreed to incorporate this game into GameChanger’s hospital tours and events. Earlier this year, the developer completed this game entitled, I, Hope, and, keeping with his word, donated the game in its entirety to GameChanger Charity.

Kenny Roy’s I, Hope tells the moving story of a young girl called Hope, struggling to defeat “Cancer”; a mysterious evil creature that has ravaged and scorned her beautiful island home. In order to attain the weapons, knowledge and courage needed to defeat the monster, Hope travels through five different floating fantasy islands in which she’s confronted by various perils.

In February, this game was entered into Twitch Prime’s first ever Indie Amplifier program where it went up against eight other independent game titles. Several of these games were already known properties with established fanbases (across multiple consoles) and, even as a complete unknown, I, Hope managed to finish in a respectable 4th place out of all the competitors in the event.

As the game prepares to launch on Xbox One this month, we would like to honor this developer and champion of the charity, Kenny Roy. We want to recognize the efforts and talents of an incredible game developer that has donated his two years of dev, sweat, and tears to our charity which is why Kenny Roy is our GameChanger MVP of the Month.

I, Hope is a very special game created by an equally special game developer and we are proud to have been part of this developer’s journey over the past two years. We look forward to sharing Kenny’s message of motivation, encouragement, and strength to those children currently in the fight of their lives.