Scholarship Recipient Standing Up To Cancer

A Letter to Cancer‼

“It seems like you have control over my life, but really you don’t.

Your presence only makes me stronger, braver, and wiser. I choose how I think and speak, and the way I love. Those are the things you can’t touch, the fear of your name no longer haunts my soul. And the horrible feelings that you bring I ignore. I have a bigger Army, we will fight against you. This dictatorship you’ve been trying to create will stop because I own myself, my feelings, my body and I will survive this. In this life I’ve only been told that I cant do certain things because I’m sick, but I disagree, what about those who have no arms? And sell pretty flowers on the streets of new york? Or those who cant hear?

Like Mandy Harvey who lost her hearing and had no idea what her voice sounded like. She feels the vibrations of the instruments on the floor and creates beautiful music. Those are only obstacles, like being in an army, preparing yourself for harder situations, going through obstacles and hard training, for what? You may ask, To prepare yourself and become strong human beings. Stronger than any Rock in Central Park. That’s how I see myself.”




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