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RTX Event Recap!

Summer is in full swing! At GameChanger, what this means to us is that exciting events, our Gamers Give Back Tour and world renowned conferences seem to be happening just about every weekend

Not to be outdone by the impressive schedule of summer fun, Rooster Teeth, YouTube channel extraordinaires and hosts of RTX, partnered with GameChanger Charity to launch a campaign using the Omaze platform.

The idea behind the Omaze campaign was grand yet simple: Enter to win, donate to GameChanger in the process, and have the chance to win an amazing trip to RTX with a VIP experience throughout.

Many entered and, although we wish every person who entered could win, there was ultimately one grand prize handed out to a lucky entrant. Mart, the winner of the contest, and his best friend Bram were flown out from the Netherlands to Austin to attend the conference.

The two Rooster Teeth fans were treated like kings. Not only were the winners given a free flight and top-notch lodging by Omaze, they also received a VIP badge to RTX that gave them exclusive access to anywhere on the floor. A highlight of the trip, the two lucky winners were invited to a luncheon with the who’s who of the Rooster Teeth team! Mart and Bram got to meet and chat it up with the likes of Ryan Haywood, Jeremy Dooley, Adam Kovic, Kyle Taylor, Bethany Feinstein, and Jack Pattilo.  Want proof? See the pic below!

GameChanger Charity would like to give a big heartfelt thanks to the Rooster Teeth  ( Crew, Omaze ( ), and every single person who entered. The impact you made was massive with a final amount reaching over $113,000.00 that will all be put toward our cause. If it wasn’t for people donating and helping to spread the word we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we do. And we couldn’t possibly say thank you enough.

Wondering where we’ll be next? Follow our Twitter profile ( ) to stay up to date on all events and other game changing things we’re up to!

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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