Moving forward while looking back on 2017

We feel blessed to have the support of the gaming community and to have a strong relationship with Child Life staff who work with children at hospitals everywhere. There is positive energy all around GameChanger Charity and that comes from people like you who believe in our mission.


From raising funds and working with amazing partners like NVIDIA and Crystal Dynamics on donation campaigns to visiting children’s hospitals across the country with video games and wonderful gifts, 2017 was truly a GameChanger.


In case you’re just starting to learn more about who we are and what we do, here’s a breakdown of our four pillars (Click the link on the title of each section to see a specific event from this year!)




Gamers Give Back Tour – from north to south, east to west, we made 40 stops across the Great Plains and the big cities and met amazing people at each and every location we visited. Each time we made a stop we brought with us toys to donate on the day of our visit, a catered lunch for the Child Life staff, and had discussions about game equipment and what may be needed at the specific location.




GameChanger Play Days – imagine a day specifically designed to take the stress and anxiety away from a child’s stay in the hospital. Where video games and VR stations are set up throughout a large playroom, special guests come along, toys from partners like Hasbro are handed out, and kids get to try out the newest advances in virtual reality and play some classic games as well. Patients and their siblings all get to have a blast and simply be kids and are able to have fun without any worry… all wrapped up in a day to remember.




Character-Based Scholarship Program – Many times, when a teenager is admitted to the hospital with a serious life-threatening illness, their entire lives are put on hold. All dreams, talents, schooling, and family life takes a back seat to ensure they are getting on the right path to health and proper recovery. But then what? Time goes by and these young people are left with needing to pick up where they left off to catch back up with their goals. This is where the GameChanger Charity Character Based Scholarships come into play. Either we meet future recipients during our Gamers Give Back Tour stops or we have nominees suggested to us by the Child Life and hospital staff who work closely with these patients. The scholarship recipients are selected based off unique, creative, and loving characteristics they portray during their stay in the hospital. They leave a lasting impression on everyone they meet and we are proud to help out to bring their lives back up to speed in any way we can.



VR Camps – VR has been becoming a core focus for GameChanger Charity which is why we’re placing special emphasis on the technology and making it one of our 4 pillars. Over the course of 2018, we will visit 14 different sites and equip them with the hardware and software to run VR for patients.  We personally ship out the necessary equipment and one of our GameChanger team members will come to the hospital or camp to help with the set-up.  Once set-up is complete, we give a rundown of how to set it up and keep it running as well as various games, functions, and techniques which we have found to be most helpful in the hospital setting


We are planning for a huge 2018 right now and are looking to make an impact on average of one hospital per month.


As always, thank you so much for staying up on all things GameChanger! Be sure to follow us on Twitter in 2018!


Brittany Naylor – An Inspiration to All

Our most recent Character Based Scholarship recipient displays love and support for her fellow patients and their families. She is friendly and quick to make friends with new patients while showing them how to live life to its fullest during their stay at C.S. Mott’s in Michigan.

Realizing that her studies would be put on hold, Brittany has found many other creative ways to grow as a person and try to support her mother, sister, and herself. She uses social media platforms to share her experiences in the hospital and is a large advocate for the causes she believes in.

She is a huge supporter of GameChanger and was the first tester ever to stream live using VR in a hospital. It was during this stream that Brittany was able to speak with multiple audience members through Twitch including representatives from multiple charities and HTC Vive.

Brittany is a passionate artist and loves to write, rap, and sing. She worked with the music therapist at C.S. Mott’s and began producing a song with another patient. Unfortunately, her friend and fellow patient passed away before they could finish the production. Brittany completed the song and was able to perform it live on a local news channel. Even during this emotional time, she was advocating for the power of digital arts and music therapy to help others.

Before she was diagnosed with cancer, Brittany was studying to become a nurse. Her diagnosis put her studies on hold but did not halt her desire to help others. Even when she is physically drained and emotionally exhausted she finds strength in encouraging her peers.

Recently Brittany’s family has fallen on hard times. Even with all of her medical challenges, Brittany was fortunate enough to secure a two-bedroom apartment. She hopes to keep it so that she can provide a safe, stable place for herself and her sister to live while Brittany battles cancer.

Due to her physical limitations, Brittany is unable to work a traditional job or go to school. She has tried alternative ways to raise money through social media including a go fund me page

Despite her struggles, Brittany still tries to find new and creative ways to support herself financially while raising awareness about the needs and struggles of those in the hospital.

It is because of her unending selflessness and passion for the healing power of gaming that Brittany was selected to be a recipient of the GameChanger Character Based Scholarship program.

To learn more about Brittany and to watch a video about her, check out this link.

Our missions thrive when the tech and gaming communities pitch in! The Character-Based Scholarship Program would not be possible if not for the support of partners like Twitch Prime community who generously donated the funds that we give out to scholarship recipients such as Brittany Naylor and the other amazing patients we come across. To learn more about our Character-Based Scholarship program, visit this page on the GameChanger Charity website.