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Vidcon 2017 Hosts Crowds and Online Stars

Vidcon is one of those annual events that gets bigger by the year. It’s here that you witness in the physical what many in the country only see on YouTube and Twitch in terms of popular online personalities and their massive fast-growing fan bases.

By far, the biggest presence felt at the event was CrankGamePlays and Markiplier, another larger than life personality, both pictured here with our mascot Hope the Monkey.

As you can see in the video below, the mobs will do whatever it takes to get a flick with their favorite online star.


These days, the large media companies are definitely working on making an impact in a world that many adults have a hard time comprehending. For example, top upcoming influencers in the industry were featured at the Disney Digital booth. Luzugames, Strawburry17, and Parkergames were all in attendance and excited to showcase their self-produced digital content.

Nickelodeon was sliming its way through the audience with, you guessed it, slime, and other messy attractions designed to reel in the kid in all of us. NBC set up a replica of the chairs from The Voice and brought an American Ninja Warrior obstacle complete with a replica of their wall, the final obstacle on the course from the show, for people to challenge their inner athlete. The Tonight Show set up an experience booth where Egg Roulette was played. Our very own GameChanger team member Brandon sacrificed his clean hair for everyone’s amusement!

By far, a main takeaway from Vidcon is that the world we are living in is gearing toward online personalities that today’s kids are able to relate to. It’s not so much that these personalities look like superstars. In fact, if you didn’t know them they would look like your best friend or neighbor. To the fans, it’s a personal connection they have with the talent. They’re accessible, speak to their audience directly, and serve their content on a free medium for the public to view.

The main magnetism these personalities have? They are fun loving people who are famous simply due to partaking in what they enjoy in front of the world and, like the ones that have partnered with GameChanger Charity, are making a difference while loving what they do for a living. No restrictions. No rules. Just fun. We are truly living in the era of mobile entertainment.


GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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