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Meet Jack – Our Recent GameChanger Scholarship Recipient

The first time we met Jack, we walked into his room to find a high energy, enthusiastic young man who was making a positive difference with his support network of care providers and friends. Jack serves as a strong role model to other patients and the world around him.

One of the real highlights of working at GameChanger Charity is having the opportunity to meet some truly gifted young people. Unfortunately, we cross their paths when they and their families have been affected by a life-threatening illness that has caused virtually everything about their lives to change.

Often, those dramatic changes come right in the midst of critical times in their education process. In many circumstances, these young people and their families can no longer either pursue or continue their goal of securing a college education. It’s during these difficult times that the true character and resiliency of these patients and their families reveals itself.

That was the case of one of our recent scholarship winners, Jack Harrhy. Jack had been working hard since the age of 16 at part-time and sometimes full-time jobs whilst attending school and maintaining high grades. He had every intention of attending and graduating college so he could get a degree in Computer Sciences and to make a difference in the world.

Jack used his savings to pay for equipment he needed for school such as his laptop, etc. He also used it towards his tuition, and towards his successful filming/photography business for which he has bought all his own equipment. He has even turned a profit by supplying his services to others.

Jack told us he and his friends were making a documentary about his battle with cancer and they were actually filming and writing about the entire experience. His goal was to be able to share his experience and ultimate victory over cancer with others who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Due to his diagnosis and long treatment process, Jack was forced to step away from his pursuit of his college education in order to deal with this life challenge! It’s situations such as this when we have the chance to step in and “fill the gap” with a scholarship so Jack can get back to his education and the things he loves. When we describe these awards as “Character-Based Scholarships”, Jack serves as the perfect example!!

Thanks to the worldwide gaming community, we were able to make this gift possible.

A nice little note to end on, Jack is an avid gamer who freely admits to spending way to much money on Humble Bundles!!

Our missions thrive when the tech and gaming communities pitch in! The Character-Based Scholarship Program would not be possible if not for the support of partners like Twitch Prime community who generously donated the funds that we give out to scholarship recipients such as Jack Harrhy and the other amazing patients we come across. To learn more about our Character-Based Scholarship program, visit this page on the GameChanger Charity website.

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