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Character-Based Catch-ups: Apolonio ‘Polo’ S.


Character-Based Catch-ups are a new blog series featuring the inspiring beneficiaries of GameChanger Charity’s Character-Based Scholarship program.

A huge thanks to our partners over at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital for helping us reconnect with Polo.

Below are some words from an attending caregiver who had this to say:

“After receiving your scholarship, Polo received a kidney transplant! This is wonderful news for a patient on dialysis. After organ transplants patients are immunosuppressed for a period of time post-transplant. That means that his immune system was too weak to go out to public places like malls, parks, or SCHOOL.

When he received the scholarship in June 2017, he was in the summer right after his high school graduation and planned to start college in the Fall. The timing of his transplant put a little delay on Polo beginning college as scheduled because he would have to miss part of his first semester due to his recovery.

I have been keeping in touch with Polo and assisting him with enrollment and he is planning to start in Spring 2019 and study in the Automotive Technology Program at [his] College. He hopes to become a mechanic and eventually open his own shop.

On behalf of Polo, he is so grateful for the scholarship and the timing of it!


Adrienne E.
Teach-Education Liaison
Child Life Services
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital”


To our incredible supporters and partners, thank you so much for helping make incredible experiences like this happen.

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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