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GameChanger Charity Welcomes Steve Huffman and Malik Ducard to Board of Directors

After working closely with us and helping spread the Joy of GameChanger, we are excited to welcome Steve Huffman (CEO, Reddit) and Malik Ducard (VP of Partnerships, Youtube) to our Board of Directors! 

Steve Huffman is the current CEO and one of the co-founders of the social platform Reddit, a platform GameChanger has become very familiar with in our journey. Steve has been involved in a number of game changing projects in his career, and we are so excited to have his professional expertise going forward. His background in the technological world and knowledge have allowed for Reddit to become a modern hub of information and interaction, and his dedication is something that has been extremely evident in our partnership.

The conversations with Steve have been nothing but insightful and beneficial for our dreams at GameChanger, and we are so excited for the innovative changes we’re making from these discussions. In our ongoing discussions and planning, Steve and his team have been only enthusiastic about helping us in our cause, and the support from them has been invaluable for us going forward. Steve and his team have allowed us to dig our roots deeper into the communities we want to reach out to, and going forward we have a lot of opportunity for bringing great things to the GCN Platform. We are so honored to be in partnership with an innovator and a team full of support for the GameChanger cause.

Malik Ducard is the current VP of Content Partnerships at YouTube, overseeing business development efforts for the platform’s Learning, Social Impact, Family, Film & TV partnership areas. Prior to joining YouTube, he served as senior vice president of digital distribution for the Americas at Paramount Pictures and oversaw distribution of content to digital platforms. He works closely with top names in the Youtube industry, and his knowledge of partnership and content facilitation has proven invaluable for us as we continually expand and improve our platform. Our spirited conversations with Malik have been truly eye-opening in what needs to be added to our Game Changer Private Network platform, and we are continually adapting and adding content or creators that we think fit the GameChanger vibe. 

Both of these gamechangers have been in direct involvement with us and our CEO Jim as we continue in our goals of providing joy to as many sick, isolated children as possible. We are so happy to be able to announce two new members to our board that are so passionately involved in innovating our goals of philanthropy and plans for spreading even more joy.

Our board of directors has been tackling the difficult problem of addressing desolate situations in hospitals, as hospital numbers continually grow from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goals going forward are to continually improve our platform and spread Joys in new ways never thought of, and we couldn’t be more confident with the newest additions to the GameChanger Board of Directors.

“How do we make life better for sick children and caregivers during this pandemic? I was honored to spend last Friday brainstorming with Reddit Founder & CEO Steve Huffman, and Malik Ducard, Head of Social Impact/VP of Content Partnerships at YouTube. Mailk agreed to join Steve and other tech icons as the newest member of the GameChanger board of directors, truly a coalition of high-tech superheroes. Together we can and will make a difference.” – Jim, CEO and Founder of GameChanger

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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