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New games are the biggest news at 2017 E3

When it comes to the gaming center of the universe, E3 continues to reign supreme. Situated next to The Staples Center in the Los Angeles Events Center, The 2017 E3 event was no exception to the rule.

This year, the floor was not only open to software companies, industry execs, and gamer personalities but to 15,000 culture enthusiasts from the public as well. This helped to add a whole new feel to the event and no doubt built buzz around the new games announced to an enthusiastic crowd.

The big announcements were plenty and all of them were surefire crowd pleasers. Super Mario Odyssey, the new immersive game and IGN’s pick for Game of Show, generated huge excitement as Nintendo fans of all ages were anxious to see their favorite hero take on a brand new adventure.

Not to be outdone by the who’s who of classic gaming characters, the highly-anticipated web-slinging Spiderman game, set for a 2018 release, seized the audience’s attention with action packed graphics and a solid storyline.

Other mentions that drew large attention from the crowds at E3 were Metro Prime 4, Sea of Thieves, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins, A Way Out, and God of War. To learn more about the games announced that earned the attention of the fans, check out this IGN article.

Those lucky enough to walk the floor of E3 will no doubt run into many personalities involved in the gaming world. We met with many different influencers across the board and from many different walks of life. Some, but not all, of the folks we met and talked with were – Barry Kramer from The Game Grumps, Aureylian, Hyper RPG, Rick Fox (Yes, THE Rick Fox from The Lakers) Criken2, Treesicle, ReadyUpLive, Murs, DuncanKneeDeep, CPK and Lisa Malambri. Did we mention we’d love to work with all of you?!?

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