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Jim Carol and GameChanger Authority Magazine Interview

How GameChanger is Helping to Change the World

“Fueled by the near-death experience of his son, Taylor, a leukemia survivor, Jim is on a mission to leverage his experience and passion to change the world for families facing similar challenges. The GameChanger Private Network is his magnum opus in a lifetime of devotion to building a “Conspiracy of Good” which has donated more than $25 million in technology and assets to sick children, their families, and caregivers.”

Our Founder and CEO, Jim Carol, has been featured in Authority Magazine, where he went into detail on the efforts of GameChanger Charity. The impact of Jim and GameChanger has been noticeable, and we hope to continue to grow as a beacon of hope in the communities we are working with. Read the article linked below for more insight on how the team’s mission began, and what is on the horizons for us going forward.

The interview includes a look at how we at GameChanger are just beginning to tell our story, and has a ton of great insight on what Jim and the charity have encountered and achieved over the last few years. We are so honored to be featured in Authority Magazine and have our founder provide insight on all of the ways that we want to continue spreading the Joy of GameChanger.

Authority Magazine GameChanger’s Jim Carol Interview (Click text for article)

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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