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GameChanger Brings New VR Set-up to Methodist San Antonio

Our mission to spread VR to youth in hospitals everywhere is making its way across the country!

We have a vision to help bring an immersive experience to children in hospitals to effectively take patients away from the stress and anxiety that can be caused from their existing conditions and the treatments they are going through by bringing them into a new world where their minds can wander and give them the ability have some fun.

Recently, our GameChanger VR experts made a stop at Methodist San Antonio to help with a new VR install. During our time at Methodist San Antonio, we had the opportunity to run through demos for many of the Child Life team members who were enthusiastic about having the new set-up for the children to experience VR while going through what can be a taxing time both emotionally and physically.

The install at Methodist San Antonio was unique this time around as it was the first wall-mounted room install. Located in the new teen room, a generous amount of space for experiencing all that VR has to offer, the set-up we installed is now an ideal space for patients and their friends and families to convene and experience VR together

Our set-up was created with some of today’s top VR products including the HTC Vive and Gear VR. The Google Tilt Brush game was a favorite with everyone who used the set-up due to the fact that it gives players a chance to acclimate to the digital world at their own pace and express themselves artistically. The Child Life staff was on board and equally excited, as the kids were about future possibilities involving 3D Printing and Live Streaming through the new VR set-up.

Even before the team was packing up you could feel the anticipation rising throughout the halls of the wings of the children’s hospital. Many of the children at Methodist San Antonio were pre-scheduled to use the new VR set up! And of course we were available the next day (and even now!) to troubleshoot and support the Child Life professionals with any pointers and tips in order to make sure the new set-up was all in working condition!

If you happen to be a Child Life Specialist and want to work with GameChanger on bringing a VR experience to kids at your hospital, please contact us today to discuss how our awesome and innovative team at GameChanger can help make virtual your reality!

GameChanger Charity
GameChanger Charity
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