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We leverage technology and innovation to improve the lives of hospitalized children facing illness and injury.

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How it Started

In May of 2006, the Carol’s lives changed forever. Their son Taylor was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia and was given two weeks to live. After soul searching and seeking guidance from experts, the family decided to move Taylor to the Children’s Hospital of Seattle. It was there that Taylor began the fight for his life.

The Carol family acknowledges that it was both the kindness of strangers and Taylor’s video games that sustained him with joy and hope during his darkest days, and they decided they wanted to pass that hope on to other kids struggling with debilitating illnesses and injury.

Today and beyond.

How it's going.

The GameChanger Team Continues to Grow

GameChanger Charity has grown into a passionate team of staff and volunteers dedicated to helping other children and families through the challenges that come with hospital stays.

Our Technology is Unlike any Other in Hospitals

The GameChanger Private Network creates a safe space for patients and families by enabling a walled-garden experience through a combination of privacy, curation, and moderation.

The Difference we Make in Lives is Real

Rated Gold status by Guidestar, over 90% of every dollar raised goes to donations for our partner hospitals.

And Development Will Never Stop Innovating

GameChanger Charity brought Hospital CEOs, representatives from the top tech and gaming firms, caregivers, and kids into our labs over the course of 3-years funding from gamers and tech giants to bring you GPN.




Million Dollars
in Donations Given

Join Us

Your support makes a huge difference

Join our mission to to improve the lives of hospitalized children. Your donation will be a game changer for a child with cancer and provide much needed financial aid to their family so they can focus on healing together.

Quote from Eileen M. Clark, MSM, CCLS Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Taylor Carol in hospital bed

Approximately $1.50 provides GPN to one child and their family for one day.


Give A Week

One $10 donation gives one child and their family an entire week of access to the GPN platform.


Give A Year

One $550 donation gives one child and their family one year of unlimited access to the GPN platform.


Give A Month

One $50 donation gives one child and their family an entire month of unlimited access to the GPN platform.

Redistributed to the hospitals
Helps us run GameChanger
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