We’re a non-profit organization on a mission to help kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Join us.



What does that mean? It means our goal is to have the leanest operations possible, to have the lowest overhead possible, to treat every penny with respect. We have a team of volunteers and employees, who all donate their time and passion in this GameChanger quest. The lower the overhead the smarter our work, the closer we are to our goal of 100% of every dollar raised going back to help others.


We prove lives are being saved by posting photos and videos of children we are helping along the way. Sharing other children’s stories will help to prepare, offer hope and healing to families that are coping with a cancer diagnosis within the family. Our cause started with the gift of games and has evolved into a game changer for the children we care for: the GameChanger Charity, Donate Electronics.


We work with strong local businesses of small and big corporations, schools, and churches to keep our efforts rolling. With each step we strive to focus on why we started this charity back in 2006, our mission to help kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses. By aligning our efforts with similar local partners, we know that together, we can make the “change” in GameChanger possible.

We Gratefully Thank Our Latest Corporate Donors

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